Oh, in other news, looks like Victor Villarreal opened for Owls with some of his solo stuff. I could watch this guy play guitar all day. 

Owls live at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA earlier this year. I was considering making the trip down there when they announced their west coast tour dates but, thankfully, I saved some gas money and still get to enjoy this show. These days we can all live vicariously through the internet. Yay internet.

Set list: 

00:44 - Four Works Of Art…
04:15 - Life In The Hair Salon-Themed Bar On The Island
07:58 - Why Oh Why…
11:36 - I’m Surprised…
16:04 - The Lion…
19:39 - Ancient Stars Seed…
25:40 - For Nate’s Brother Whose Name I Never Knew Or Can’t Remember
28:45 - I’ll Never Be
35:08 - What Whorse You Wrote Id On
38:57 - It Collects Itself…
44:35 - This Must Be How…
48:38 - Holy Fucking Ghost (ATTEMPT)
51:40 - A Drop Of Blood…
58:03 - Anyone Can Have A Good Time (ENCORE SONG)

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Anonymous said: weed & whirr


  • favourite song: Silent Partner or Granted
  • least favourite song: A Few Healthy Years
  • have i ever seen them live: Nope.
  • favourite band member: The guitarist is great
  • least favourite band member: Idk they work well together
  • how many of their albums you have: Just the one, Deserve.
  • favourite album: Well, Deserve of course. 


  • favourite song: Probably Hide or Wait
  • least favourite song: Drain. I didn’t really like the Around EP in general. 
  • have i ever seen them live: Nope. I live on the internet. 
  • favourite band member: Alexandra should come back :(
  • least favourite band member: I’m not going to single someone out. 
  • how many of their albums you have: Pipe Dreams, Sway, and Around. 2 1/2?
  • favourite album: Pipe Dreams by far. 
  • Inbox me a band name and ill answer:
  • favourite song:
  • least favourite song:
  • have i ever seen them live:
  • favourite band member:
  • least favourite band member:
  • how many of their albums you have:
  • favourite album:

Bad History Month performing I Finally Understand live on KVRX Austin.

Two Inch Astronaut's single from their forthcoming LP Foulbrood was released today and it’s fantastic. The album will be out on Exploding in Sound on November 25th and I’m stoked to hear the rest of it. You should be too.

JEFF The Brotherhood - "Come In Alone" (My Bloody Valentine Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Chris Bell - I Am the Cosmos